Quotes of The Day #296

It is a TRILLION DOLLAR industry

that would collapse


we believed

we were beautiful enough already


You Are Loved

If I died,

don’t forget to keep on feeding the dog

even if you’re grieving and mourning

remember that he’s our baby

and he’ll keep you company

until his last breath

If I died,

don’t forget to pack all my things

after you’re done mourning

gather all your strength

and start packing up all my stuff

sorry to leave you a mess like that

If I died,

don’t cry too much

my heart breaks whenever I see your tears

stop mourning after a week or so

you’re still alive and breathing

hence you need to move on

I know it’s not easy

but that’s what you have to do

If I died,

dont remember all the sad stuff

just remember all the happy stuff

the memories of us tickling each other

laughing out loud while walking hand in hand

cuddling on the rainy day

taking care of each other when one of us got sick

cooking together even though I can’t really cook

just remember all the good memories

And if I died,

know that

you are the last person in my mind

as well as the last person in my heart

never forget that,

you are loved

Let Them

Let them judge you

Let them misunderstand you

Let them gossip about you

Their opinions aren’t your problem

You stay kind,

committed to love,

and free in your authenticity

No matter what they do or say,

don’t you dare to doubt your worth

or the beauty of your truth

Just keep shining

like you always do..

Wait for..

Wait for the one

who simply adores you..

The kind of person

who brings out the best in you

and makes you want to be a better person..

The only person

who will drop everything

to be with you

at any time;

no matter what the circumstances..

For the person

who makes you smile

like no one else ever has..

Wait for the person

who wants to show you off to the world

because they are so proud of you..

And most of all,

wait for the person

who will make you their priority

because that’s where you belong..

just wait for the right one