Quotes Of The Day #300

1 month from now,

we’d pack our suitcases,

we’d fly to the sea—

just like we talked about.

8 months from now,

we’d light up NYE fireworks,

you’d kiss me before

the countdown said “one”—

just like we joked about.

2 years from now,

you’d catch me off guard,

but I’d say yes and

you’d put a ring

with that deep blue sapphire that I love

on my finger—

just like we dreamed about

10 minutes from now,

I’m not sure how

our conversation would play.

Right now,

I’m not sure how

our dreams would come true.

I’m not sure if

‘our’ always would last.

Quotes Of The Day #299

I was an open book.

You were written

ALL over my chapters—

my never-ending summer,

my happily ever after.

Reading back now,

I realize

you were never the prince,

you were the twist,

the lesson I didn’t see coming.