Did You Forget?

You loved me with your own twisted crooked way

I could feel your love

I accept it

and I tried to understand it

Hence I was willing to be caged by your so called love

You never went out with me

Everytime we went on a date

which was like three times a year,

All you ever showed me was that annoyed looked on your face

I gave you everything

Yes, I lied twice to get out of the cage

Just to take a breather

But I went back and asked for your forgiveness

just because I need to breathe the air outside that cage

Me tears should explain more than my words will ever be

How deep I have fallen for you

How much I loved you

Your lips talk about forgiveness

but you never forget

Never did once you forgive

Then you acted like you never changed

But behind my back you started a new journey

Never you called me before we sleep

Yet you spend the time calling her

You broke up with me saying that you’re bored with our relationship

And I believed wholeheartedly that I was to blame

If only I was caring enough

If only I was good enough

So many if’s

But after 2 weeks I discovered

With my own eyes

The betrayal you did

the ugly truth

Then I realized

No matter what I did

No matter what I said

It all mean shit to you

Because your so called love already gone long ago

You treated me really good once upon a time

You caged me with your so called love

And now you cast me aside like used goods

Make me believe that I was not good enough

Lying to my face

And didn’t even blink when you do it

Did you forget?

That you have a little sister?

What would you do if she fall for someone like you?

Did you forget?