All Three

It’s become such a rarity nowadays

to find someone to fall in love with

and stay in love with.

People seems to forget how beautiful it is

to grow old with someone,

to build

and witness someone’s progression

and conquer obstacles as a team

instead of facing them alone.

I guess it’s safe to say

there is enough thrill in it for them.

There is no thrill in comfortability

and knowing someone like the back of your hand.

I guess that’s why you can call me an old soul.

I don’t need to go out all the time

and switch people up every other week

to fulfill my boredom

with temporary happiness.

I always want something real,

someone so genuine

that they are worth lasting a lifetime with.

Someone who is willing

to invest the time and effort to win

instead of forfeiting

” when there is no coming back “.

I understand

it’s nearly impossible nowadays

to count on someone

with all your heart and soul.

I guess that’s why you can count me as one of the rare ones,

I am not just in it for

a reason,

a season

or a lifetime.

I’m in it for all three.

The End

‘And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.’

(The End, The Beatles)

I believe that there is always right one for every soul as there is always right time for everything. 

I believe in heaven as I believe in destiny. I believe that right after we were born, there was someone out there who meant to be our soulmate. I am in the process of finding, we have to meet many struggles and mistakes. Things might not go as moves as we hoped it would be, but in the end all those years of understanding will be worth it.

I have been loved and loving. I have been hurt and hurting. 

 I had to meet some wrong people and learned from many mistakes.  I loved deeply, that’s just the way I am. I never fear of giving my heart fully to the person I love. I gave them the key to the door of my happiness. I let them broke it and let them play with it. I broke deeply. but one thing I never let them was to kill me. Those wounds didn’t kill me yet it only made me stronger. 

This time, not only I am fearless. I am sure and I know that he is the one.

I gave him the key to my existence. I let him control me.

He came to me right when I just started to new beginning of my life. Right when I have found myself. He came with gentleness and he offered me comfort and safety. There was not a hint of that I felt in my heart. This time, I knew I was not wrong. He was the one destined for me.

I never feel that I am the one who loves more or he is the one who loves more. Our love is equal.

Love is not a completion of winning each other’s attention. Love is a team work. We are one, finding all the obstacles that might destroy us. With him, I know that I can conquer anything. I know that there is nothing to worry. As long as we’re together and have faith in each other, we win.