Quotes of the day #202


I don’t know why

I feel so suffocated

like I can’t breathe enough air

or maybe the air is just too polluted

or maybe my lungs just too broken

or maybe I just don’t want to breathe

or maybe I just wanna cry

and let it all out

the last one seems viable to me

Quotes of the day #197

Where do we go from here my love?

When it’s over

and I’m standing between us

whose side do I run to?

When every nerve in my body is pulsing for you

when my mouth waters at the thought

when you are pulling me in

just by standing there

how do I turn around

and choose myself?

tricks that only works on me

Quotes of the day #196

You call

to tell me

you miss me

I turn

to face the door of the house

waiting for a knock

Days later

you call

to say

you need me

but still aren’t here

the dandelions on the lawn

are rolling their eyes

in disappointment

the grass

has declared

you yesterday’s news

What do I care

if you love me

or miss me

or need me

when you aren’t doing anything about it

If I’m not the love of your life

I’ll be the greatest loss instead

Quotes of the day #195

Actually when we cried,

there are more people

who don’t even realize

that there are tears on our cheeks

When we are feeling sad,

people who don’t care

about what we feel

are a lot more

than those who actually care

When we are in distressed,

people are walking away instead,

they don’t want to get caught in those complicated things.

Only true friends

who can see the tears

between those smiles.

– lucky to have you

Quotes of the day #193

Not all others words have to be listened to


if it’s just prejudice,


even more so,


from people who don’t know us

nor understand us.

It’s better to just focus on keep fixing our own selves.

If they’re bothering us,

take the safe road

by distancing ourselves,

or if needed to,

build a strong wall

so we don’t have to hear a thing.

This world is gonna be super dark

if you put everybody’s words

into your heart.

put earplugs and keep going