Quotes of the day #205

When snow falls

I long for grass

When grass grows

I walk all over it

When leaves change colors

I beg for flowers

When flowers bloom

I pick them



Quotes of the day #204

They did not tell me

it would hurt like this

no one warned me

about the heartbreak

we experience with friends

Where are the albums

I thought

there were no songs sung for it

I could not find the ballads

or read the books

dedicated to writing the grief

we fall into when friends leave

it is the type of heartache that

does not hit you like a tsunami

it is a slow cancer

the kind that does not show up for months

has no visible signs

is an ache here

a headache there

but manageable

cancer or tsunami

it all ends the same

a friend or a lover

a loss is a loss is a loss

– the underrated heartache