Quotes Of The Day #102

In the end,

We all just want someone that chooses us..

Over anyone else

Under any circumstances —


Quotes Of The Day #100

A true relationship is someone who accepts your past,

supports your present,

loves you


encourages your future…

A/N: Oh my gosh.. I can’t believe I’ve reached 100!!!!! Heheheh.. I’ve been thinking what to write since few days ago. Sorry it took me so long to post this one. Anyway, thank you for all the support and love and love AND love again, all the way up till now. I can’t thank you guys enough. Seeing the chart every time I opens this apps is what brings smile to my face. Hehehe.. please keep on checking my WordPress and I hope you guys liked it enough to hit the like button. Hehehe.. thank you once again and have a nice day!!! Cheers~

Quotes Of The Day #98

I believe that everything happens for a reason.

People change so that you can learn to let go,

Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right,

You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself,

And sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together…

Quotes Of The Day #97

I’m about to make a wild, extreme, and severe relationship rule:

The word busy” is a load of crap and is most often used by assholes.

The word “busy” is the relationship’s Weapon Of Mass Destruction.

It seems like a good excuse, but in fact in every silo you uncover, all you’re going to find is a man who didn’t care enough to call.

Remember! Men are never too busy to get what they want.


Truth is, I get jealous easily because what’s mine IS mine.

I’m stubborn as hell,

I say sorry too much (sometimes),

I act like I don’t give a fuck because I care too much.

I over analyze the smallest things and probably come off as a bitch to simply guard myself..