Quotes Of The Day #322

“In the world of beauty and chaos, I found you..”

Love can make you feel everything and more,

From nothingness to something that is rather unexplainable.

Here are strands of thought about love that are divided into two, as follows,


Where love is yet to be revealed and if it has already, it gives you happiness beyond expectation. This kind of love is worth a lifetime, where mutual understanding is involved, and of course, never-ending efforts to keep each other warm, as well.


No matter how much effort you put into something, if it’s not meant to be, it will never be. However, sometimes you just want to make it happen despite the chances, despite the situations. Here are strands of thought about the dark side of love, the side no one wants to cross over, but what else can we do? Sometimes life is just that unfair. Nevertheless, there is always a positive takeaway from the hardest lessons, and our role as individuals is trying to find the silver lining in the most chaotic mess.


When I looked at my LinkedIn page, I saw profiles of my friends from high school and university.

They all looked amazing!

Bla bla bla manager, head manager of bla bla bla, senior manager of bla bla bla, all those amazing titles from their workplace.

And then I saw mine

No amazingly long title

Just simply says,


I stopped and thinking

“Did I make the right choice?”

Because honestly, I was kinda envy them

All of their work looks so important

And the titles are so cool

But then I keep silent

And think

And think

And think again

Till I finally realize

I may only have one simple title

But I contribute in the making those people

The people that will have that so many amazing titles in the future

With that thought in mind,

I felt so damn good

I am a teacher

I may only a teacher,

But I am so proud of what I can do

Shaping future astronauts,

Future businessmen,

Future scientists,

Heck! Even future presidents!

I am a teacher

With no long titles

But I’m proud of my job

And the most important thing is

I love my job

P.S: I know it’s kinda late, but happy teachers day to all amazing teacher out there! You did an amazing job, dear unnamed heroes!

If Only

I know..

I did things that you can’t comprehend

We both have different minds

And yet we tried to make this work

Arguments are inevitable

I hate it the most when we started arguing

You are so damn stubborn

Clinging onto your logic

and never once you admit that she might be not wrong after all

You always said that I’m the one to blame

I’m the one that lied

I’m the one that fake

Then why?

Why are you still with me?

If only you could see into my brain

If only you could look into my heart

Then maybe you’ll finally see

and realize..

Ah.. So what she said was the truth after all

and apparently I’m not the Mr. Always Right