Short Love Lesson

Don’t overthinking things.. Stop taking everything inside yourself and deciding on your own. That way, you just want others to pity you. On top of that, someone might fall in love with you today and you might fall in love with that person tomorrow. Are you alright with throwing away such marvelous encounter?
When people say they’re “in love”, it means that they’re prepared to be hurt by one another.

If you’ve been hurt, anyone in your situation would want to lock themselves away from the rest of the world, but eventually you have to come out of hiding.

Maybe it’s kinda too much to came from a lame person like me but.. But, please make sure to fall in love with tons of people and quarrel with them too! ^^


You see that girl? 

She looks so happy, right?

Telling jokes, smiling, having a great time and.. Drowning inside. 

She’s hurt and tired. 

Tired of all the drama.

Tired of being not good enough.

Tired of life..


She doesn’t want to look dramatic, weak, and attention seeking. 

So, she keeps it all inside.

Acts like everything is perfect but cries at night.

So, everybody thinks she has no problems and her life is perfect. That she’s the happiest person they know. 

If only they knew the truth…