When I looked at my LinkedIn page, I saw profiles of my friends from high school and university.

They all looked amazing!

Bla bla bla manager, head manager of bla bla bla, senior manager of bla bla bla, all those amazing titles from their workplace.

And then I saw mine

No amazingly long title

Just simply says,


I stopped and thinking

“Did I make the right choice?”

Because honestly, I was kinda envy them

All of their work looks so important

And the titles are so cool

But then I keep silent

And think

And think

And think again

Till I finally realize

I may only have one simple title

But I contribute in the making those people

The people that will have that so many amazing titles in the future

With that thought in mind,

I felt so damn good

I am a teacher

I may only a teacher,

But I am so proud of what I can do

Shaping future astronauts,

Future businessmen,

Future scientists,

Heck! Even future presidents!

I am a teacher

With no long titles

But I’m proud of my job

And the most important thing is

I love my job

P.S: I know it’s kinda late, but happy teachers day to all amazing teacher out there! You did an amazing job, dear unnamed heroes!

Did You Forget?

You loved me with your own twisted crooked way

I could feel your love

I accept it

and I tried to understand it

Hence I was willing to be caged by your so called love

You never went out with me

Everytime we went on a date

which was like three times a year,

All you ever showed me was that annoyed looked on your face

I gave you everything

Yes, I lied twice to get out of the cage

Just to take a breather

But I went back and asked for your forgiveness

just because I need to breathe the air outside that cage

Me tears should explain more than my words will ever be

How deep I have fallen for you

How much I loved you

Your lips talk about forgiveness

but you never forget

Never did once you forgive

Then you acted like you never changed

But behind my back you started a new journey

Never you called me before we sleep

Yet you spend the time calling her

You broke up with me saying that you’re bored with our relationship

And I believed wholeheartedly that I was to blame

If only I was caring enough

If only I was good enough

So many if’s

But after 2 weeks I discovered

With my own eyes

The betrayal you did

the ugly truth

Then I realized

No matter what I did

No matter what I said

It all mean shit to you

Because your so called love already gone long ago

You treated me really good once upon a time

You caged me with your so called love

And now you cast me aside like used goods

Make me believe that I was not good enough

Lying to my face

And didn’t even blink when you do it

Did you forget?

That you have a little sister?

What would you do if she fall for someone like you?

Did you forget?


Taurus Girl (Relationship Version)

Dear men,

The toughest relationship to build with is when the women in front of you is a Taurus.

It’s just because they’re not interested. They have a happy life of their own, and they’re good with it.

The record says that they have the highest ratio of breaking hearts among all zodiacs. It’s not because they lead people on or are stringing but they just have their pace of doing things, and if you put pressure on them, they will accelerate away from you.

Tag them as cold hearted, because there’s no way of having a second chance with them. There is no repeated drama with them. So don’t play games with them because they are the ones who decides the rules.


Taurus girl

Marry Someone who…

@ respects you, even when you’re not around..

@ you are mos comfortable being your weird self around..

@ wants to know all about your favorite things..

@ falls in love with you and your flaws..

@ knows exactly how you like your morning coffee..

@ is proud to show you off..

@ would never want to intentionally hurt you..

@ puts their phone down and wants to hear what you have to say..

@ puts their head on your chest just to hear your heartbeat.

@ is looking forward to waking up with you every morning..

@ and many more..

Because this list can go on and on and on and what’s more important is listen not only to your heart, but your head as well..

Hope you can find your life partner.. ^^

My Fear

It scares me when you’re upset with me

It scares me when you’re not even talking to me

It scares me when I sent you messages but got no reply

It scares me when I open up to you but you shut me out instead

It scares me when I miss you too much 

It really scares me when I’m all alone at night and my mind just runnin wild 

Because all I can think of is the past.. and how things were.. and that scares me.. 

the insecurity eats me slowly but sure

The anxious haunted me

The depression dragging my feet

I really don’t know what to do..
I still love you.. my love for you never gone

It’s always there..

I may have made several stupid mistakes but so were you..

We both imperfect in our silly life yet we still together

Isn’t that mean something?

I can’t do this myself. I’ll just drown alone.

I need you to work this out with me..

Or this time, I might just drown myself and never resurface..