Happy new year!!!

You’re supposed

to let go of the past

and start off new

You’re supposed to forgive

all those who have hurt you

and be open to new relationships

with open arms

This is why it is called

‘New’ year

May you have a wonderful




And happy new year~

Till We Meet Again

Sitting on this bus


thinking about the past 24 hours

I still can’t believe it

can’t accept it

the fact that you’re gone

the fact that you chose this end

so many questions running in my head




but all that’s doesn’t matter anymore

nor you’re gonna give me answer

for all those whys

believe me when I say

I’m gonna give you a hell of good punch later

I will

so brother until then

I’ll live my life to the fullest

Living the life that you have decided to throw away

depression is silent killer

Quotes of the day #207

When you find her,

tell her not a day goes by

when I do not think of her

That girl who thinks you are

everything she asked for

when you bounce her off the walls

and she cries

tell her I cry with her too

The sound of drywall crunching into itself

as it’s beaten with her head

also lives in in my ears

tell her to run to me

I have already unscrewed

my front door off its frame

opened all the windows

inside there is a warm bath running

She does not need your kind of love

I am proof she will get out

and find her way back to herself

If I could survive you

so will she

stand up against domestic violence