Bicycleholic – Wheelers Yard

Today I went to a pretty nice place to eat lunch. My friend is a bicycle maniac so this place is like a paradise for him. It’s relatively easy to find this place. You still have to walk for a while because no bus stop across the road. It was kinda hot today so I’m running a bit to reach this place faster. From outside, it looked like just an ordinary warehouse with big blue door. Several bicycles outside the door is Wheelers Yard’s trademark. But mind you that this big door isn’t the main entrance. The main entrance located on the right side of the building.

You’ll see this sign on the right side of that big blue door

And after you moved to the right side of the building, you will see this.

Careful.. Once broken considered sold

On your left side, you will see the entrance to this big warehouse. The warehouse is essentially divided into 2 area. Inside dining area which has air-con inside and the outside dining area that integrated with the bicycle shop. Considering that I’m half melting already, of course the inside dining area will be my #1 choice. 

The bicycle shop. Behind the glass door is the dining area with air-con.
Air-con!!! Yaaayy!!

This is what the inside area looked like. And yes! Those are bikes on the top of the table. And yes again. That’s Batman riding a bicycle on the top of table.It was kinda packed for 2 o’clock and the seats was almost full. 

Now, time to order some food.. Can’t wait!

You need to order first, pay for it, and then find a seat.
I decided to order the ultimate beef yard burger, mash potato (that one actually my friend’s), and the classic ice chocolate

Pardon those packs of ketchup. I love ketchup. I don’t know how am I gonna eat anything without ketchup. Well, not everything but 80% I guess. Lol.

Anyway, the food is good, but it’s kinda pricey for a lunch. So I won’t recommend this place if you’re in the verge of broke. But, if you’re a tourist that looking for a place that’s instagramable, then you should put this place on your check list.

You should check out the door handle for yourself ^^

After me and my friend finished our lunch, we decided to explore the place a bit before leaving. And guess what I found?

So many bicycles for sale, accessories, in short, all you need for cycling

They even have the garage to fix the bicycle as well..
Sooo cute. Look what I found in their backyard? Lol. Too bad it’s not for sale.. ;p

Well, what do you think of this place? Are gonna visit it soon?? Hehehe… Hope you guys enjoy this review of Wheelers Yard. 

Once upon a time in Boufé Boutique Cafe, Singapore

spicy baby octopus, potato wrapped prawns, twilight, my soulgadget

After out from Wisma Atria, I’m looking for a place to spend a quiet afternoon. And maybe eating something since I haven’t eat my lunch yet. I stand on the MRT entrance for a bit before deciding what to do. After 5 mins, I decided to took a bus from Scott Rd. and head to Phoenix Park. On today’s post, I’ll share with you guys my experience in a nice, quiet, secluded, and amazing cafe.

Once you reached Phoenix Park, just go straight inside. Keep walking straight until you reach the end and turn right. After few meters, you will see the entrance to the cafe. It may look nothing from outside but once you stepped inside, you will feel the cozy ambience.  

The hanging menus
The menus that hanging on the wall will greet you once you step inside.  So does the friendly waitress. You can sit anywhere you like. As for me, I love sitting by the window.

The inside interior design are simple yet nice. White dominates the wall and furniture, with warm yellow lightings makes this place looks so warm and welcoming.

Inside dining area

Bar section
As for the menu, they have quite a lot of variations. Staring from brunch, dinner, in-house pastries, grab&go, snacks (the one that I ordered), coffee, others (like chocolate, matcha,babyccino), beverages (I ordered twilight!!) and by the way, they also have some booze. Too bad the menus only printed paper..


In the end, I ordered Spicy Baby Octopus, Potato Wrapped Prawns, and the color-changing drink, Twilight. The good thing is, no artificial coloring was added into the drink. So it’s not only safe but nice as well.. ^^

Spicy but yummy but spicy… T.T
Sweet! The potato is like curry.. yummy!

Twilight – The color-changing drink!!!

If the weather is friendly, you can go to the back to dine in the outdoor area. It’s and open air but don’t worry if it rains. You’ll be safe from rain, not the hail though ;p

Oh! I forgot to mention that wild animals running wild back here. Such as squirrels, etc. you’ll see the sign around there.

Outdoor dining area

Since the outdoor area have this romantic ambience, it will be a great spot to bring your partner with you. I think you can rent it for a day to celebrate a party there.

If you wanna buy trinkets, they also have a small shop between the front and back entrance. Check it out while you’re waiting for someone or before you leave.

Small but neat Bou Store
Anyway, that’s all for today.. Hope my article will help you guys that either live or visit Singapore.. Have an amazing day and see you guys on my next article.