Elfaritsii #2

I miss her.


The times when we hide our true feelings

Lying and pretending?


But it’s worth trying

And we live through it

Doesn’t matter

After all,

we have nothing to bet anymore

Or maybe,

truth is,

we don’t care about such things anymore

And yes

I do miss her..


who can’t be honest

with her own feelings

and me

who desperately

question my own feelings

Do we torture each other’s feelings?

You can say so

But, that’s what makes us unable to forget each other

We are different

We both destructive

We wreck ourselves

And, even after all that,

I still miss her




edited by Alfleria

Elfaritsii #1

I took this photo last year

Long before I found awareness

of the distance created between us

You are so close,

but feels far away


Since when?


This loneliness is unbearable,

but I’m so used to the silence in me

Talk to me

Look into my eyes

Look at what I have hidden from you

Find the truth

that you see from my eyes

If it were easy to say,

I might not look for an answer

in the six o’clock sky

Her silence understood my feelings


Later there will be time


Make room for all these feelings