One Wish

Swimming in a pool of doubt

My arms tire from the fight

My ankles turn to weights

One last look around

Shadow stands around

No one helps to pull me out

The screams of shame echo in my mind

I’m choking in a pool of tears

The shadows shake their heads

I’m faced with all my fears

My hands above the water

Coughs of blood engulf my scream

Only one wish..

To escape this dream

In My Mind

Have you ever realized

that no matter how hard you try

you can’t get rid of pain

It’s like you can’t escape it

You can push it away

But eventually

it will come back, right?

That’s how you are to me

You are my pain

that won’t go away

and no matter how hard I try

you’ll always be there

In my mind


I seem happy, right?

You see no cuts on my wrists

No bruise on my body

No mark whatsoever

Only the smile on my lips

You hear me laugh

You see me smile


Did you take time to look into my eyes?

Did you see the emptiness?

The darkness?


If only you opened your eyes

You will see

I was dying inside