Quotes of the day #165


took the sun with you

when you left

now I can see nothing


Quotes of the day #163

I tried to leave

many times


as soon as I got away

my lungs buckled

under the pressure

Panting for air

I’d return


This is why

I let you

skin me to the bone


was better than


Having you touch me

even if it was not kind

was better than

not having your hands at all

I could take the abuse

I could not take the absence

I knew I was beating a dead thing


Did it matter?

If the thing was dead

when at the very least

I had it


Quotes of the day #161

I live

for that first second

in the morning

When I’m still half conscious

I hear

the hummingbirds outside


with the flowers

I hear

the flowers giggling

and the bees

growing jealous

When I turn over to wake you

it starts all over again

the panting

the wailing

the shock

of realizing

that you’ve left


– the first mornings without you

Quotes of the day #160

I can still see

our constructions hat lying

exactly where we left them


unsure of what to guard


gazing out for our return

The planks of wood

stiff in their boxes

yearning to be nailed up


neither of us goes back

to tell them

it is over


In time

The bricks

will grow tired of waiting and crumble

The cranes

will drop their necks in sorrow

The shovels

will rust


Do you think flowers will grow here?

When you and I are off

building something new

with someone else


the construction site of our future