Another year has passed by.. I was happy yet there’s this small voice I can’t shake off from me. 

Time to settle down

I still don’t want to. So many things I still would like to do, to experience. I want to settle down. With someone whose understands me. But that is no easy matter. It seems that person is endangered species. Lol. That’s why I haven’t found him yet.

I’m feeling sooo grateful that my parents are not they typical Chinese parents. They still let me do as I please instead of urging me to get married.

For me, marriage is the beginning. It’s not like I never imagined what’s it feels like to live with someone I love, I did! It’s just not working out.. and twice, I was forced to continue my journey alone.

Well, in my 27 years of life, I can only remember little bits pieces of my childhood, some parts of my teenage life, and several memories of my adult life. From uni until now. They may not very grand but sure as hell pretty interesting. Some people that heard my stories will say that I really enjoying my life. Traveling to several countries when I’m still young, open my mind to many possibilities. Many cultures. Many people. 

I can’t thank God enough for all those wonderful gifts. 

All the blessings that took many forms. Like for this year, they took form as my coworkers..

And I also got cute rabbit as the present ^^

Even my students gave me squishy as a present!!! Oh my.. what more can I ask?

Last year, I was in Singapore and celebrated my bday twice. With 2 different friends. It was one of my unforgettable memory. This year, I celebrated it with my coworkers and students.. (I’m wondering how did they find out about my bday..). Lol.

In short, I’m sooooo happy today.. ^^