Quotes of the day #148

Main ingredient:

25% of good body and look

35% of brain

20% of good humour (laughter in the air)

15% of sweetness (who doesn’t love sweets)

5% of bitterness (too much sweet will make you sick)

Additional topping:

A sprinkle of chocolate (love that slightly tanned skin)

A mouthful of white teeth (don’t forget to wear sunglasses)

A gust of peppermint breath (for that amazing kiss)

– Yeah.. That’s how I make my perfect man

Quotes of the day #145







Words aren’t for understanding each other.

They exist for the sake of talking to each other.

Even if we butts our head,

Even if we can’t understand each other,

We’ll talk it over together,

for the sake of finding the right place.