Did You Forget?

You loved me with your own twisted crooked way

I could feel your love

I accept it

and I tried to understand it

Hence I was willing to be caged by your so called love

You never went out with me

Everytime we went on a date

which was like three times a year,

All you ever showed me was that annoyed looked on your face

I gave you everything

Yes, I lied twice to get out of the cage

Just to take a breather

But I went back and asked for your forgiveness

just because I need to breathe the air outside that cage

Me tears should explain more than my words will ever be

How deep I have fallen for you

How much I loved you

Your lips talk about forgiveness

but you never forget

Never did once you forgive

Then you acted like you never changed

But behind my back you started a new journey

Never you called me before we sleep

Yet you spend the time calling her

You broke up with me saying that you’re bored with our relationship

And I believed wholeheartedly that I was to blame

If only I was caring enough

If only I was good enough

So many if’s

But after 2 weeks I discovered

With my own eyes

The betrayal you did

the ugly truth

Then I realized

No matter what I did

No matter what I said

It all mean shit to you

Because your so called love already gone long ago

You treated me really good once upon a time

You caged me with your so called love

And now you cast me aside like used goods

Make me believe that I was not good enough

Lying to my face

And didn’t even blink when you do it

Did you forget?

That you have a little sister?

What would you do if she fall for someone like you?

Did you forget?


We were the night.

We painted the sky black and hid the stars away.

Everything was dark that night, except you.

Except you.

The moon.

The perfectly shaped circle.

The mysterious light that shines the night.

Do you know that the moon god of Babylonian was called “Aku”?

You smiled.

As if the universe was conspiring with us that night.

As if you already knew that we were belong to each other from the very beginning.

Everywhere we saw was darkness.

But we still can see each other.

We can feel each other’s heart beat.

We can even find each other in the blackest night, with our eyes closed.

The cold wind kissed our skin, and from our warm, inescapable hugs, we reach and mend our darkest and deepest wounds.

Where You Are

What’s the sky without the stars?

What’s a story without a heart?

What am I, if I’m not standing where you are?

What’s goodbye without a kiss?

What’s a penny without a wish?

What’s tonight, if you’re not here to spend it with?

And where’s the light if there’s no dark?

Where’s the flame if there’s no spark?

And what am I, if I’m not standing where you are?

And what’s a bird without a song?

What’s the day without the dawn?

What’s a road if you’re not there to walk along?

What’s the warmth without the cold?

What’s a tale that’s never told?

What is love if it’s not us growing old?

Where’s the light if there’s no dark?

Where’s the flame if there’s no spark?

And what am I, if I’m not standing where you are?

What am I?

If I’m not standing where you are…

If You Ever Forget Me


If each day,

Each hour,

You feel that you are destined for me

With implacable sweetness,

If each day a flower

Climbs up to your lips to seek me

Ah.. my love, ah.. my own 

In me all that fire is repeated,

In me nothing is extinguished or forgotten,

My love feeds on your love, beloved,

And as long as you live it will be in your arms

Without leaving mine

This is it?

It’s been weeks since our last conversation
That if you can call me texting you as a proper conversation

Have I ever crossed your mind?

As much as I wanted to believe that you care,
I know deep down,
You don’t..

You! The most self centered, egoistical, and arrogant you!!!
You really made me speechless 
You’re the first guy that ever made me feel this way 

So helpless
So stupid
So devastated 

It feels like no matter what I do, in the back of mind there’s always a voice saying

Ahh… This is so like him


Awww man.. I miss him so much

Dear readers,

How I wish there’s such thing like medicine to forget
I’ll buy heaps of it, that’s for sure!
Just to help me forget how it feels like

To tickle you

To joke with you

To sleep in your arms

And waking up beside you…

Inilah aku

Tak pernah sekalipun kalimat “aku mencintaimu” keluar dari mulutmu Kata “sayang” pun harus kupancing dahulu baru kau ucapkan

Selama kebersamaan kita, hanya 2 kali kau ucapkan itu

Akan tetapi,




Semua itu membuatku merasakan getar di dada ini

Tes… Tes..

Tak terasa air mata jatuh membasahi layar handphone ku

Tak kuasa ku menahan rindu yg begitu dalam

Bittersweet memory tentang kita berdua

Membuat air mataku mengalir semakin deras

Inilah aku..

Hanyalah seorang gadis lemah

Yg rapuh karena cinta

Hanya bisa kunikmati pedih hati ini

Hingga nanti saatnya ku bangkit kembali

Me, you, us…

Begitu banyak hal yg mengingatkanku pada dirinya


Akting seorang aktor di sebuah film..

Bahkan bunyi “klik” dari mouse..

Semua ini mengingatkanku pada dirinya yg jauh di sana 

6 bulan kebersamaan berlalu dengan cepatnya

Suka, sedih, jengkel, bahagia, semua perasaan bercampur aduk ketika berhubungan dengannya

I miss us..

Aku rindu dengan tingkah lakumu yg menyebalkan, 

Membuatku jengkel tapi tak mengurangi rasa sayangku padamu 

Aku rindu dengan candaan mu yg garing, tapi bikin aku tertawa juga pada akhirnya

Dan yg paling kurindukan adalah..

Berada di pelukan mu setiap malam

Itu lah yg membuatku dapat tertidur dengan nyenyak

Walaupun terkadang ada mimpi buruk juga ;p

I miss u..

Kamu.. Ya. Kamu.

Kamu yg sulit sekali mengungkapkan perasaanmu yg sesungguhnya,

Kamu yg suka belaga cool,

Kamu yg berhasil meluluhkan hatiku,

Kamu yg kucintai hingga detik ini..

Kapankah kamu akan menyadari semua hal ini?

One can only hope..

Dan harapanku untukmu adalah semoga kamu bisa mengungkapkan perasaanmu dengan bebas.. 

Tanpa perlu memikirkan hal-hal lainnya

Hanya aku, kamu, kita..