Well, that’s an ambiguous word. Depends on how you perceive it. It can be a good one.

Like when you say, “Will you be my always?”. Oh, boy, you don’t know how happy I was at that time.. That was the happiest memory I had.

Now, where I was.. Oh! Always.. The word always that associate with me the most lately. Also the one that makes me feel like sh*t most of the time.

Always wrong…

Why? Why is it that I’m always wrong?

Whenever I do something, all I want is to make you happy. Make me happy. Make us happy. But, all I got was constant nagging.








Another nagging

Not even a grateful word. Only words of reprimanding.

Am I really that useless in your eyes? Can’t I buy the things I want with my own hard earned money? Why..? Even though all I want was to hear you say, “Oh honey.. Thank you.”

That’s what I always long for.. The words of gratitude for the things I bought with the intention of making you, me, us happy…

Is it really too much asking for something so simple like that?