Quotes of the day #159

It isn’t

what we left behind

that breaks me


what we could’ve built

had we stayed


Quotes of the day #158

In order to fall asleep

I have to


your body crooked behind mine

spoon ladled into spoon

till I can hear you breath

I have to recite your name

till you answer

and we have a conversation

Only then

can my mind

drift off to sleep


– pretend

Quotes of the day #155

It’s better

to break your own heart

by leaving

rather than

have someone else

break your heart everyday

while you stay with them

The problem is

that we want to be loved

so badly

that we can’t even tell

that it’s not really love

– and I’m still unsure

Quotes of the day #154

I spend days in bed

debilitated by loss

I attempt to cry you back

But the water is done

and still you have not returned

I pinch my belly till it bleeds

have lost count of the days

sun becomes moon

and moon becomes sun

and I become ghost

A dozen different thoughts

tear through me each second

You must be on your way

Perhaps it’s best if you’re not

I am okay


I am angry


I hate you


I can’t move on

I will

I forgive you

I want to rip my hair out

over and over and over again

till my mind exhausts itself into a silence