Quotes of the day #233

Watermelon is a watermelon

even if we don’t know wether it’s sweet or not

chicken is still a chicken

even if some have feathers and the others doesn’t

a book is a book

even if it’s written in another language

a car is a car

even if two of its tires were taken off and unable to move


feelings are feelings

love is love

even if we didn’t say it, it’s still love

even if that love was rejected, thrashed, stepped on, it really is still love

at the very least, it will be called unrequited love

and it’s alright

because we know for sure

it won’t lessen its value

say it

Quotes of the day #232

1 day plus 1 day

doesn’t automatically become 2 days

If it’s missing someone, then the result can be weeks of time, killing you slowly

If it’s a date, then the result can be a blink of an eye, so fast you didn’t even realize it

1000 km plus 500 km of distance

doesn’t automatically become 1500 km

If it’s about the distance between 2 loving hearts, then it will be 0, always close to the heart

But if it’s about the distance that you have to go through to see your other half,

well damn.. it’s so freakin far

Love matters sometimes isn’t as simple as a calculator

A person with blood type O married to another blood type O person then the child will undoubtedly blood type O as well

But hate meet another hate,

it doesn’t automatically means separated

if it’s meant to be then it will be

love meet another love,

doesn’t automatically means together

if it’s not meant to be then it will never be

Oh well love matters isn’t like biological theory

and of course it wasn’t like downloading something, you can see the percentage

we can never gauge the percentage of love

and unlike speedometer as well, you can see the kilometer per hour

we can never count the speed of lesser or more of love

the matter of love even more complicated than mathematics formula

10 minus 1 doesn’t always 9

10 minus 10 doesn’t always 0

If it’s feelings,

the more you decrease it,

the more you try to get it of it,

the more you force to throw it away,

the result will be multiply

became 100 or ever 1000

It will grows indefinitely

feelings calculator

Quotes of the day #231

If love are choices,

then it will be like multiple choices

If love is a reason,

then it will be like essay

If love are chances,

then it will be like true or false questions

If love are about matching,

then it will be like match-making between A list and B list

I don’t know what type of test question love is

One thing for sure,

no love goes untested

And know this,

the higher that love is,

the harder the test gonna be

Don’t fret

Don’t worry

Only the best will pass it

And able to see the beauty of love

exams oh exams..

Quotes of the day #195

Actually when we cried,

there are more people

who don’t even realize

that there are tears on our cheeks

When we are feeling sad,

people who don’t care

about what we feel

are a lot more

than those who actually care

When we are in distressed,

people are walking away instead,

they don’t want to get caught in those complicated things.

Only true friends

who can see the tears

between those smiles.

– lucky to have you

Quotes of the day #193

Not all others words have to be listened to


if it’s just prejudice,


even more so,


from people who don’t know us

nor understand us.

It’s better to just focus on keep fixing our own selves.

If they’re bothering us,

take the safe road

by distancing ourselves,

or if needed to,

build a strong wall

so we don’t have to hear a thing.

This world is gonna be super dark

if you put everybody’s words

into your heart.

put earplugs and keep going

Quotes of the day #180

We don’t need to prove

to anyone that

we’re good.

What for?

No need to fret over

other people judgements on us


no matter what other’s think about you

in the end

only you know yourself best

Just know this,

our friend don’t need any explanation

our enemy won’t trust it nevertheless

think smart, be smart