6 thoughts on “Quotes of the day #240

    1. True. But this does it justify all the acts and wrong doings done by the other person? Is it so satisfying hurting that person by verbally abusing that person?
      Let’s put it this way, a women killed your cat accidentally.
      You have several options:
      1. Forgive her
      2. Kill her cat as well
      3. Say that forgive her but in your heart you held the grudge and keep on verbally abusing her every time you see her with a cat
      4. Move to another place and never see her again
      Which one you gonna choose?


  1. I’ll choose number 1 for the first time, but what if that women do the same thing again? Should i just forgive her like the first time? And what about u? Can you easily trust people who doing the same mistake? I think its not easy.


    1. 1? That’s good. Well, the choice is yours to make. If she accidentally did the same thing again, you can use your heart and logic to decide which choice you gonna choose next.
      As for me, I’ll stick to my choice. You and me, we all are normal human being and making mistakes are human nature. But there must be a reason behind that mistake. That’s up to you to understand the reason or decided to close your eyes to that reason.


      1. Yeah. Just like you’ve said. Everything happens for a reason. In my opinion, you have to be more open minded about the reason. Well, then again, the choice is up to you.


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