Quotes of the day #160

I can still see

our constructions hat lying

exactly where we left them


unsure of what to guard


gazing out for our return

The planks of wood

stiff in their boxes

yearning to be nailed up


neither of us goes back

to tell them

it is over


In time

The bricks

will grow tired of waiting and crumble

The cranes

will drop their necks in sorrow

The shovels

will rust


Do you think flowers will grow here?

When you and I are off

building something new

with someone else


the construction site of our future

One thought on “Quotes of the day #160

  1. From here, let says half way you left, Pylons stood after the foundation structure was made. Bricks installed following to the needs step by step, floor by floor and it stopped?

    If there are cranes, must be the tower to build.
    If there are planks of woods and boxes of nails, must be ready for interior.
    Shovels always rusts.

    Wild flowers will grow, some nice and some doesn’t.
    Even sometimes herbs such Angelica may grow.

    There must be had good understanding you wanted to build it at first.
    From Design Scratch to Finishing and it is very tiring; sometimes can be emotionally because involving fairness and trust. are you?

    One must be tired and consulted with the improper without another while another one must be tired of picking up the lying hat.

    IT IS NOT OVER, if you are willing to take the lying hat and show your truly because without that intention will no discussions to continue the future construction.
    Once again, the choice is yours.
    One must be RESPECT your decision.

    No body is perfect and Every body makes mistake.


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