Quotes Of The Day #33

EVERYONE makes mistakes.

It’s human thing and you’d better drop that act like you’re better than everyone else.

Don’t act like you’re so damn perfect coz in reality, NO ONE is.

One thought on “Quotes Of The Day #33

  1. Mistakes are real.
    The worst thing about mistakes are the impact to you or surrounding you and sometimes can be fatal.

    The good thing about mistakes are experiences that giving lesson to learn become strong and sometimes can be the second chance to proof the better results or even best results.

    Perfection? Or Acting better? …if does so, someone must had experienced the fatality once but later got the opportunity of second chance and these are natural and real to proof about the lesson.

    So sad to remember ‘made no mistake’ which never able to have the chance to proof anything at anytime and took the blames when everything went south and this is reality.

    Moral : if made mistake fix it, if failed try again, if gave up everything gone.

    Avoid the ‘made no mistake’


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