This is it?

It’s been weeks since our last conversation
That if you can call me texting you as a proper conversation

Have I ever crossed your mind?

As much as I wanted to believe that you care,
I know deep down,
You don’t..

You! The most self centered, egoistical, and arrogant you!!!
You really made me speechless 
You’re the first guy that ever made me feel this way 

So helpless
So stupid
So devastated 

It feels like no matter what I do, in the back of mind there’s always a voice saying

Ahh… This is so like him


Awww man.. I miss him so much

Dear readers,

How I wish there’s such thing like medicine to forget
I’ll buy heaps of it, that’s for sure!
Just to help me forget how it feels like

To tickle you

To joke with you

To sleep in your arms

And waking up beside you…

10 thoughts on “This is it?

  1. We lived far apart now.. And when he decided he wanted to end it, he really want to end it. So, I can’t meet him and telling him that I miss him is kinda useless.


  2. He never gave a call?
    No status but he wanted to end it
    Oh come on, i don’t have any to say
    It was like he used you
    Sorry, where do you live? And where does he live?
    I think, if you living in Singapore and he living in Malaysia or other country nearby you could ask him to meet maybe grab a tea or for dinner


      1. Not weird, but a real man do not play barbie
        Stay strong, girl!
        You will find another man, gentleman and real one


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